Taranaki ReGen

Wellbeing & Resilience from the ground up

Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is about optimising the wellbeing, resilience and prosperity of our natural world and people, through agriculture.  It is a holistic, place based approach that centres soil health & diversity as foundational. Regenerative Ag thrives through curiousity, collaboration, active monitoring, observation, and a regenerative mindset, values and principles.

It's often considered a journey, and everyone's is different.

At Taranaki ReGen - Charitable Trust, we envision and work towards Taranaki as a deeply regenerative region that can inspire the world.

We're dedicated to supporting and connecting farmers, growers, rural professionals, schools, agri stakeholders and the wider community on their regenerative journey.

Our mission

To connect and support our community through quality events, education, collaboration, advocacy and opportunities that, through a regenerative approach and outcomes, foster a healthier, more resilient and prosperous future for all.

A Brief History

Since 2019, Taranaki ReGen has been active in the Taranaki region as a grassroots community initiative. Over the years, we've been supporting farmers on their regenerative journey's and the region as a whole by engaging the conversations and generating opportunities for what's possible here. With good results and momentum, in  2023, the natural next step was taken and Taranaki ReGen officially became established as a Charitable Trust.

Our website is in development

Please check back in later in July/August for more content. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks and months!

Get Involved

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Join us on the journey towards a more regenerative future.